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Don't put your eggs (or your messages) all in one basket

Posted on Monday, August 10, 2009
Category: Social Media
Author: Michael Pierce

This week saw hackers attack two of the social networks most used and most admired - Twitter and Facebook -- causing issues for users worldwide. While I don't condone hacking, the perpetrators did us a favor. They reminded us that you cannot rely on one communications channel (no matter how hot) to get your message out. You will have much better results if you use multiple communications channels to get your message to its intended target or targets.

It's not just about hacking, it's about the audience too. The more we hear it and the more ways it reaches us, the stronger the impact. Reinforcing the message is vital to seeing it embraced. Imagine how this affected organizations launching a Twitter blitz or someone organizing an event using Facebook. You can't put all your faith in one site and expect to get the return you strived for. Use traditional media, email, your web site and social networks in harmony and you will have better results -- especially with timely or time sensitive information.

Remember, it takes a strategic mix to get the message out!

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