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The Science of Timing

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2011
Category: Social Media
Author: Meghann Theurer

I had the opportunity to attend a great webinar called, "The Science of Timing," put on by HubSpot.com's Social Media Scientist Dan Zarrella. He had great insight into the when the best times to post on your blog are, what times are best to send out your email marketing items, and when you are most likely to get a response from your social media sites, all depending on what day and time you post.

Webinars are a great way to stay up with the trends and to learn from those who dedicate their time to find the method to the madness.

Here are some of the things that I learned:
•Best times for getting ReTweeted? 2pm-5pm EST.
•Do not be afraid to tweet too much. Increase your frequency and experiment!
•Most Facebook shares happen on Saturday!
•Best time to publish your blog is at Midnight. Why?....
•80% of people read Blogs in the morning.
•Later in the day and later in the week are when most ReTweets happen.
•Most people read their email in the mornings.
•The more email you send, the less unsubscribers you have.
•Blog views are highest on Mondays, while most comments are made on the weekends.
•This is a really cool tool: You can find your most ReTweetable days by going to www.tweetwhen.com

You can find more on this presentation at HubSpot.com or on Twitter by searching #timesci. And of course, for any questions on your social media needs, feel free to contact us here at Odney.

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