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North Dakota Tourism

When we first started working with Tourism, independent research showed that North Dakota had a lack of awareness as a destination. Our objective was to create awareness of North Dakota as a destination with a rich blend of history and culture, set against beautiful scenery and with a variety of fun things to see and do.

Our brand strategy positions North Dakota as "Legendary." This one-word branding statement is memorable, powerful and evocative. It's also versatile, as it can be applied to a number of experiences ranging from outdoor recreation to shopping and urban amenities. Our creative approach broadens the appeal of the campaign by diversifying the range of experiences offered, yet maintains a single compelling brand image, "Legendary."

Our strategy has paid off with impressive and increasing return on investment over the last several years. For 2007, an investment of $1.66 million in tourism advertising brought $203.9 million in visitor spending to the state. Our ROI has more than doubled since 2005, the last time this research was done. The Legendary campaign is continuing to deliver impressive results and helping to create a distinctive brand image for North Dakota.


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