Day of Caring

Day of CaringThis August, a team of eight Odney members took half a day away from the office and rolled up their sleeves for the good of the community. The Day of Caring for MSA United Way spread a thousand volunteers throughout Bismarck to do what local non-profits haven’t been able to get done for lack of money or resources. On this day alone, the United Way estimated the city’s non-profits saved hundreds of thousands of dollars. What we got in return was a valuable opportunity to see the forces at work in our community that are helping others live better lives.

Our staff teamed up with the Dacotah Foundation, which works to enhance the quality of life for those living with mental illness or chemical dependency. For some of us, like myself, it was the first time we got to see how their programs work. I spent the afternoon cleaning windows, baseboards, and kitchen floors with two coworkers. As we scrubbed, we got to talking with some of the men who live in the Custer Home permanently. We talked with the home’s supervisor, who loves her job, she said, because she gets to spend her time helping others. We learned how the Dacotah Foundation is making a difference for so many people and we hoped that having a clean window to look out might be a small way to say ‘thank you’ for that.

The Day of Caring was also an opportunity for Odney to put our professional talents toward making the community a better place. Our creative intern for the summer, Michelle Churchill, came up with the t-shirt design MSA United Way chose for all the volunteers. We posted a Facebook Live video and pictures to share the experience on social media and encourage others to take part. So by the time we would typically be shutting off our computers and heading out of the office, we instead pulled off our gloves and shook the hands of Dacotah Foundation employees. We appreciate working for a company that encourages us to participate in events like Day of Caring and seeing what we can do to make the community better. 


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