It's a Wrap for the Donation Station

Donation_StationIt’s an eye-catching trailer, a mobile reminder of all the organizations that benefit from the Minot Area Community Foundation, and a convenient way to make a contribution. It’s the Donation Station with the wrap we created for the Foundation. The design is a beautiful blend of form and function, with its colorful depiction of the Donation Station logo, also designed by our team. “We were delighted that Odney volunteered design services to create this wrap,” says Ken Kitzman, Minot Area Community Foundation President. “We love the design, and we love the reactions it is getting all over the Minot community. It draws attention and it motivates people to give. We’d like to thank Odney for helping us connect with our community, encouraging people to donate and help make Minot an even better place to live.”
Odney has been working with the Minot Area Community Foundation for over a decade on services ranging from strategic planning to public relations, logo and tagline development, branding and website development. We recently designed and programmed a new website that showcases all the ways the Foundation helps people and organizations in the Minot community.

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