Marketing Lessons from Halloween Movies

Developing a marketing strategy can be scary. Marketing has a big effect on the success (or failure) of your product and your company. This time of year you can pop some popcorn and learn these marketing and public relations lessons from your favorite Halloween movies.
Hocus Pocus
You never know when someone might light the black flame candle. Be ready for the chaos that might ensue with an emergency plan of action. Having designated spokespeople and lines of communication in place will enable you to take control of the message and communicate quickly and effectively with members of the press and the public. If you’ve made a mistake, admit it and issue a sincere apology. Make it clear that you're truly sorry for unleashing the Sanderson sisters and assure the citizens of Salem that the witches will never again pose a threat to the town’s children.
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Don’t expect an expert on Halloween to help you with Christmas. A good agency has its Jack Skellingtons and its Santa Clauses. With so many new avenues of communication available now, it’s essential to have in-depth experts with specific expertise on your marketing team to ensure that you’re using the right channels at the right time with the right message. Don’t settle for a Sandy Claws when you need a Santa Claus. 
The original is a classic and often cited as Hitchcock’s best film. The 1998 shot-for-shot remake is usually described as “pointless.” Film critic Roger Ebert noted that the remake was both the same and yet completely different, lacking in the tension that gave the original its dramatic impact. While there are certainly lessons that can be learned from the marketing campaigns of other companies, your campaign has to be true to your company and what you have to offer. Don’t be a pale imitation of someone else’s great idea. Focus on what’s unique to your product and your brand to present a message that’s original and compelling. And it might be a good idea to check the Yelp reviews before pulling into that roadside motel. 

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