The Halo Effect

If you could invest a dollar and get back a hundred dollars, you'd consider that a pretty good return on your investment. That's the outstanding ROI our long-running "Legendary" campaign has achieved for North Dakota Tourism. The most recent research shows that for every dollar spent on the campaign, North Dakota gets back more than $100 in tourism spending. While that's certainly impressive, the campaign, which has now been running for over a decade, is doing even more for the state with the "halo effect."

A recent article in Forbes on the halo effect in tourism advertising features research from Longwoods International, a leader in public opinion research in the travel and tourism industry. The data from 2014 shows the increase in the positive perceptions for North Dakota as:
  • A place to purchase a second home: up 113%
  • A place to start a career: up 100%
  • A place to attend college: up 87%
  • A place to start a business: up 75%
  • A place to retire: up 75%
  • A place to live: up 41%

"Good advertising does more than sell your product," says Odney marketing consultant Gwen Hubbard, who works with North Dakota Tourism. "With the ‘Legendary' campaign, we're selling trips to the state. But we're also creating a positive perception of the state that spreads into other categories and makes people aware of North Dakota as a good place to live, work and raise a family." So the next time you look up in the sky on a chilly day and see a bright shining ring, it may not be sun dogs. It could be our halo.

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