How Facebook Live is Changing Your Social Strategy

July, 2016. Temperatures across the Midwest have hardly begun to beat down on us. But there’s a firestorm sweeping the country.

While there are myriad protests, debates, analysis, and arguments over the killings of black men and police officers, there is one constant factor resonating. A match to this burning discussion, it’s Facebook Live.

Journalist and educator Al Tompkins likened Facebook’s live-streaming capabilities over the past few weeks to the phenomenon radio experienced during World War II, TV during John F. Kennedy’s assassination, cable TV during the first Gulf War, and Twitter during the Arab Spring. Facebook Live has come into its own, discovering a vital role in the output of information.

Did Facebook Live users know when they streamed Philando Castile bleeding to death in the car or the deadly assault on Dallas police officers that they would change the way brands would strategize on social media? Of course not. There were far bigger matters happening right in front of them.

That’s the point.

It wasn’t about a plan. It was about a moment. That’s what made it powerful. Diamond Reynolds and Michael Bautista pointed their camera phones at what was important, calling on an audience of millions to pay attention to it. They did. National news outlets did. Presidential candidates did. Your neighbors, your coworkers, your family members all noticed. Despite how you feel about the issues being raised, the effects prove the ‘voice of the people’ is stronger than ever thanks to Facebook Live. No longer must the public turn to the media to advocate on their behalf. No longer must we turn to the media to reach them. We’re connected now through a few bars of WiFi.

Now is a time when the public conscious is captivated by ordinary people sharing extraordinary content. Brands, then, have to keep these three words in mind if they hope to stand out:
Immediate. Interactive. Important.

Prepare your company to be accountable to your community, responsible for your actions. Any social media user has the potential to become an asset or a hurdle. Influencers are waiting to be tapped into, but you’ll have to keep a tone of voice that is personable, sending a message that is valuable. Live videos are ranked higher in Facebook’s timeline algorithm. Your audience is undoubtedly there, and Facebook says that audience is spending three-times longer watching a live video than, say, a produced commercial.

Resonate with your audience. At Odney, we see great value in Facebook Live. We see potential for your brand to leave a more meaningful impact. Contact us today so we can form a strategy to get on board with this “streaming” ship.

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