New Facebook Reactions: What should you be measuring?

The hottest thing on social media that’s got everyone talking, liking, and loving are the new reaction buttons on Facebook. Instead of being restricted to “Liking” content, users now have the option to “Love” a post, show excitement with a “Wow” emoji, display laughter with what Facebook is calling “Haha,” show excitement with “Yay,” as well as express sadness and anger with corresponding “Sad” and “Anger” emojis.

As marketers, there is debate on whether or not it will make sense to track each of these reactions as a separate engagement, and it is too early to tell how Facebook will be displaying this measurement. (Although we’ve got a sneak peek on what it could end up looking like).

The social media experts at Odney plan to watch and see, like the rest of the marketing world, and make decisions on what makes the most sense (potentially based on individual client goals) when it comes to tracking these engagements. There are some marketers out there that think we should be tracking each of the reactions as a separate engagement, while others don’t see value in tracking them separately at all.

Just remember to measure what matters to your business’ bottom line. In a way, it may not make sense to track each reaction as a separate engagement, but to watch and look for overall sentiment on posts. If you are getting a lot of Loves, Likes, and Wows on a post versus Sad and Angry reactions about your company, this could tell you something about the nature of your content. If your posts don’t intend to spark anger, sadness, (or even a haha moment) but you tend to be getting those reactions, it might be time to take a look at your post plan and content calendar and re-evaluate your strategy.

Take a look at who your audience is, and think about what you want to share with them. It’s important to remember that when marketing to someone on social media, the message should be catered to the individual wants, likes and feels, and not necessarily what you as a business want to talk about. Provide value to your audience and listen to them in order to find that “sweet spot” where your message cuts through to your audience, resonates with them and provides a positive reaction.

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