“Friends Don’t Small Talk. Friends Talk Fantasy.”

Today, over 33 million sports fans engage in NFL fantasy football leagues. In 1962 a few guys started the concept of fantasy football and after spreading by word of mouth, it is now marketed on podcasts, websites, in magazines, apps, ads and social media channels. Fantasy football has evolved into every realm of traditional and digital media. A marketer’s dream. 

People play fantasy football because it’s engaging. I don’t even know what I’m doing most of the season, and I still look forward to playing each year because I get to compete against friends and family with my imaginary sports team composed of the best players in the NFL (or so I think). Whether it’s ESPN, NFL, Direct TV, or even Yahoo, companies are marketing fantasy football daily, and although middle-aged males are their primary target audience, I see it, hear it, and want to be a part of it. 

First, you start out with a draft, and that’s one of the most engaging aspects of fantasy football. You designate a time to get online with all your league members and draft your top picks to create your dream team. There are apps on ESPN, NFL, Yahoo and others, that allow you to create your draft, or you can do it on their websites, too.

After that, it’s playing other league members each week, making trades, playing the waiver wire, and adjusting your lineups to make sure your team is headed to the Super Bowl of fantasy football. This is where the rest of the engagement takes place. You’re constantly engaging in traditional and digital media outlets to find the latest fantasy football news and picks for the week, the sleepers and the streamers.

The reason fantasy football has grown to the impressive engagement numbers it has today is because it’s become a daily discussion. As the new NFL commercial for fantasy football says, “Friends don’t small talk. Friends talk fantasy.” Although most NFL games take place on Sundays, fantasy football is all day every day. Businesses that engage in fantasy football are constantly finding new ways to market to their target audience through media campaigns, and it’s working.

September 8th will be the first game for my fantasy team this year and the beginning of another competitive, engaging football season. Hopefully this year I’ll be a WINNER, unlike Doug, in Yahoo’s new fantasy football commercial, who has to use lowercase to access his work’s Wi-Fi network, because he’s a loser. 

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