Why Use Programmatic Buying?

Why use programmatic buying in your next digital media plan?
The "Why Programmatic?" question can have many answers, and it depends on what our client values most:
Who is your audience?
Rather than selecting a site or sites that seem like a good fit, programmatic buying enables you to find your audience with clearer and more sophisticated data to support pursuit of the respective audience.
What do you want to optimize in your campaign?
Even if there is one or a collection of sites that can be argued as good fits, you're only bound to the traffic that comes to that site. Also, if there's any variance to the content of a given site that doesn't align with the needs of the given initiative, you risk a lot of inefficiencies to your spend. Having a collection of the right types of sites, and tactics in place enables programmatic buyers to optimize your campaigns based on what's observed, who that person is that is viewing that content, and drive more qualified activities/conversions in real time based on those demographics.
What type of insights are you looking for?
Buying programmatic generally provides for better reporting and greater insights into the success of a campaign. You can dig deeper in audience behavior after someone clicks or sees your banner. By looking at post impression and post click data you can tell what activities a person participated in on your site (did they sign up for your newsletter, or did they download a brochure, as an example) as long as we have pixels placed on those pages ahead of time.
What’s your budget?
Buying programmatic usually allows you to get more impressions for your money. As noted above you are able to get more impressions to the right type of individual versus buying sites and hoping your message is getting to the right person.
What are your metrics for success?
Similar to optimization, we're working off of clearly defined success metrics up front. Our interest isn't in what sites or tactics that get the most impressions, it's what achieves the stated success metrics. You don't get that buying sites directly.
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--by Jason Kenyon of Goodway Group, with Michael Pierce and Meghann Chamberlain, Odney

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