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How Instagram and Snapchat tell your brand’s “Stories”, Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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How Instagram and Snapchat Tell Your Brand’s “Stories”
The stories that capture audiences these days are less often found at the box office or the bookstore. In 2016, the stories that matter to most social media users are available at the tip of your finger and gone the next morning. Double tap if you’re with me.
If that’s just a bunch of gibberish to you, take a moment to consider the new Stories feature Instagram rolled out late this summer. The Facebook-owned social media platform has taken a page right out of Snapchat’s book. Instagram users can now post a minute’s worth of temporary pictures and videos. After 24 hours, the message disappears. Sound familiar? It should. Snapchat’s attraction is based on this momentary glimpse into your friends’ lives. That’s why it’s taken off with 100 million daily active users.
So, which Stories feature makes the most sense for your brand? Let’s explore.
The most noteworthy benefit of Instagram is its reach. Instagram has a 5 to 1 advantage over Snapchat when it comes to user base. Nike’s very first Instagram Story reached 800,000 views. Its best Snapchat video got 66,000. It’s also easier for your fans to follow you as they don’t need your exact username in order to find your account in the search bar. Instagram offers more opportunities for your followers to engage with your brand. On regular posts, users can “like,” “comment,” and “tag” your messages, therefore increasing awareness. Embrace this form of 1:1 communication by holding Q&A sessions with your customers over the Stories feature. Direct messages come in easily from your posts and your answer on video feels more personal.
What Snapchat lacks in engagement, it makes up for in wild popularity with millennials. Eighty-six percent of Snapchat’s users are between 13-37 years old. If this is your target audience, this is a jackpot. Snapchat’s format is ideal for connecting with this audience, which wants immediacy and access. Use Snapchat to give your followers behind-the-scenes looks at new products, projects or processes. Or, turn your Snapchat account over to an influencer for a day. Giving fans a glimpse into an interesting person’s life increases your brand’s trust. Let’s take a moment, too, to salute the facial recognition tool, which is likely dominating your feeds with selfies of people wearing dog ears and tongues.   
Bottom line: storytelling is the way we’re all headed. If you want to reach someone, don’t give them a message, tell them a story. You can do that in many different ways, and both Instagram and Snapchat are handing you the tools. Your brand feels more trustworthy to users when it pops up between videos of your best friend’s kids and the concert your sister went to last night. Sure, it’s less polished and edited, but it’s fast, it’s easy. Most of all, it works. 

Tower of Towels
TowelsSometimes you just have to throw in the towel. Or in this case, our Odney staff in Bismarck threw them in, folded and stacked them, and repeated until we had a tower of towels to donate to the Ruth Meiers Hospitality House, which helps homeless and low income people in the Bismarck-Mandan area. The towels will be for use at the House and will also be given to people in need. 

Digital Shifts to Mobile
Remember back when digital advertising on desktops was the next big thing? Time for the next next big thing, which is digital mobile. From 2015 to 2018, desktop spending is projected to shrink by $10.7 billion, more than newspapers (down $9.6 billion) or magazines (down $4.4 billion). In the same three-year time span, mobile is projected to grow by $81.3 billion, seven times as much as television, outdoor, radio and cinema combined. While mobile internet use passed desktop a couple of years ago, ad spending is just catching up to reflect that change. Desktop advertising peaked at $99 billion in 2014, and has been on a slow decline ever since. 

Coat Drive
It’s time to bundle up and that means it’s time to help ensure that everyone can stay warm with our annual coat and gear drive. Please drop off your new or gently used coats, jackets, hats, scarves, gloves and mittens now through October 28 at any of our three North Dakota locations: 21 South Main Suite 101 in Minot, 102 Broadway Suite 201 in Fargo, or 117 West Front Avenue in Bismarck. Your donations will be given to people in need throughout our communities. 

What’s With the Save Icon?
If you’re a Baby Boomer or Gen X, your first computer used them. But if you’re a millennial or younger, you might be wondering why the “save” icon is that funny little square. Here’s why, along with 13 other outdated technical icons. 

Pro Tip
Everyone loves infographics. They draw the eye in and make statistics easy to understand. Try these six tools for creating infographics for your website, blog and social media posts. 

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