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Who are your Chewbacca moms?, Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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Q&A with Jeanne Nelson, Creative Director
We recently produced a new marketing campaign for North Dakota Tourism featuring actor and North Dakota native Josh Duhamel. 

OA: How did ND Tourism’s commercials differ this year compared to previous campaigns?
JN: With this client, we’ve done lots of beautiful location shots before, but we had never used a celebrity spokesperson. I knew the commercials needed to feel unscripted, natural and unforced because that’s Josh’s bailiwick. In some ways it was actually easier to shoot these commercials because he is a trained actor and because we only used three locations around the state. We had breathing room in between each shoot to move equipment and scout. Overall, we wanted this to feel genuine and authentic, and I really think that’s how it came out.

OA: Did that change your role at all?
JN: Not really. I still needed to have the overall vision for what were to accomplish. For the Fargo shoot, we did it all in one take. It’s always been my dream to do that so we went for it. In some ways it was so much easier because Josh is such a natural and there was such good interaction between him and the extras involved.

OA: Beyond Josh’s notoriety, how did working with a professional actor impact filming?
JN: Oh, it was fun. It gave us more options. Usually I’m working with untrained talent and sometimes with that you get magic, but other times there’s only so much you can do. In this case, we’d get what we had in mind from Josh in two or three takes so then we could try other options, too. We were able to wrap up at reasonable times each day, which is how we were able to get ad lib footage of him around the state in addition.

OA: Did anything surprise you?
JN: How seamlessly everything pulled together and what a joy Josh was to work with. And how unfussy he is – good grief! He was so laid back and fun, he seemed to enjoy every minute of it. He was very generous with his time, offering additional ideas or options. He couldn’t have been more fun. He treated me like he would have any other director – he kept seeking my approval and asking, “Is that ok? Did you get what you want?”

OA: Which commercial is your favorite and why?
JN: Each one has its own charm but my favorite is the fourth spot, “Road Trip.” We hadn’t planned for it, but going through footage, we had gotten all these little pieces we could use. Josh is such a goofball but at some point I wanted him to wax emotional about why he loves the state. So I asked him and what he came back with was so perfect. As a North Dakotan, that’s my favorite commercial. You might not take big trips all the time, but you can get in the car and smell fresh hay or see a meadowlark.

OA: Not all commercials will involve a professional actor – what characteristics do you look for in those cases?
JN: Far beyond looks, it’s their temperament and personality. Can they handle a long day? I love working with real people and you can get great stuff from them, but it can take longer than people think. They need to be open and enthusiastic.

Other ads in the campaign include “The Proposal,” “Theodore Roosevelt National Park,” and “Fort Mandan.”

Chewbacca Mom vs. Hollywood
According to a recent Twitter study done by AdWeek, Twitter users trust “influencers” nearly as much as their personal friends. “Around 40 percent of respondents [to the Twitter Study] said they’ve purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on Instagram, Twitter, Vine or YouTube.” –AdWeek
So what is an influencer? It’s someone who is a self-built star from using social channels and who is considered an expert by and carries weight with those who follow their channels.

An example is Candace Payne, aka Chewbacca Mom. Her video donning a talking Chewbacca mask and laughing hysterically has been named the “viral video we didn’t know we needed,” and became the most watched video ever on Facebook Live. While it wasn’t intentional, she instantly became an influencer on behalf of Kohl’s. They sold out of their Chewbacca masks across the country within the week of Payne’s live video streamed from the store parking lot in Dallas where she made her purchase.

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The Big 0-1!
We are proud to have celebrated one year in our new Bismarck location at 117 W Front Avenue. If you haven't visited us here yet, we invited you to come over and take a tour!

Industry News
9 Website Design Standards For 2016
Denis Pinsky in Forbes.com, June 2016

In 2016, a website isn’t complete without the following:
  1. Responsive mobile-friendly design that can be used easily on different devices – ideally designed with mobile experience as the foundation
  2. Quick loading times and optimization for users who have slow internet connections
  3. Web analytics tracking traffic as well as goals and conversions
  4. All important on-page SEO tags and elements, including XML sitemaps
  5. Tools for clients to create new landing pages for promotion campaigns
  6. A back-end CMS that enables clients to publish new content and edit existing pages
  7. Email capture forms synced with client’s email marketing system
  8. Fundamental security and privacy protocols, such as basic security checks
  9. Integration with relevant social media platforms
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