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New Year, New (and Better) Digital Ad Serving Platform, Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Odney Advantage Newsletter
Special Edition: New Year, New (and Better) Digital Ad Serving Platform
Digital advertising is constantly changing, and we’re always working to stay one step ahead. We have a big change coming up in the way we place digital ads, and it’s going to be beneficial for all of our digital clients.
While we’ve worked with a variety of third party ad servers in the past, we’ve also been talking to Google. Because of the strong relationships we have with Google representatives, we have the opportunity of moving to the inventor of digital ad serving: Google DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM). This change offers us the benefits of working with the original, oldest and most-trusted ad serving company.
Those benefits include a lower CPM rate for our clients, particularly in serving video and larger format ads. DCM also offers better integration. Most vendors and publishers use Google’s publishing platform as their ad server, which means seamless integration for our ad tags and better reporting through Google Analytics.
The campaigns we currently have running with other vendors will not be affected by this change, as they will complete their runs as scheduled. We’ll be training our teams on the new system throughout December, and will begin using Google DCM as of January 1st. If you have any questions, please talk to your Odney marketing consultant. We’re excited about this change and happy to offer our clients the highest quality platform for their digital ad campaigns. 

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