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In 2012, Bobcat was looking to promote their Aftermarket Products line because it had no existing brand awareness and they recognized that it had great profit potential.


The Bobcat Aftermarket Products division hired Odney to plan and implement a digital marketing strategy to build the Aftermarket brand and promote its products to end-user consumers and, ultimately, increase sales and revenue from the Aftermarket Products line.


Our strategy focused on targeting regions with a high concentration of Bobcat dealers because current owners of Bobcat products would be more likely to purchase products from the Aftermarket line.


We used a variety of digital ads targeted to a specific geographic region with a high concentration of Bobcat dealers. We applied behavioral and demographic targeting within that geographic area to make sure our ads reached the right audience.



click-through rate

compared to the 0.04% national average


of web traffic

driven by our campaign

Digital Ads

Ads were geographically targeted to an eight-state region, as well as demographically and behaviorally targeted. This information was used to optimize our online display ads rather than actual keyword marketing.

Tracking data was gathered that included the number of ads the user was exposed to, click-throughs, etc. Users were also tracked as they navigated the web until ending up at our predetermined conversion point on the website or landing page. Tracking the user from first exposure to the conversion point, also meant we could measure the amount of time that has passed between impressions and conversion, which was a much more effective method of measurement because it gave us an accurate look at how effective the ad was and where the user ended up on our website or landing page.

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