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In , a new state agency, the North Dakota Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Policy (the Center), was created to educate the public about the dangers of secondhand smoke and other tobacco-related issues.


Odney was hired to develop a brand identity for the Center, and marketing campaigns to educate North Dakotans about tobacco-related issues.


Research showed North Dakota residents did not feel tobacco use was a big problem despite the number of deaths and healthcare costs associated with tobacco use.

We created the “BreatheND” brand based on the Center’s focus on secondhand smoke and its goal to eliminate secondhand smoke from public places.

“BreatheND” evokes the easy breathing of a non-smoker in a smoke-free environment.


We created a logo, positioning statement, advertising materials, PR plan and a mass media campaign to communicate the “BreatheND” brand to the Center’s target audiences.

We used research and CDC-approved best practices to develop multi-channel media flights that combine paid efforts with PR and social media.

We created content calendars to track all media flights and ensure our PR and social media aligns with current paid campaigns.

Our tactics have expanded over the years and we currently run 7-8 media flights per year.

Results to Date


Smoke Free Law Passed

by 67% of North Dakota voters



are protected by comprehensive tobacco-free policies in 136 school districts


ND Cities

have implemented smoke-free park ordinances

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